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Most Frequently Asked Questions

One size fits nearly every four-door vehicle. Almost all vehicles allow for the same backseat spacing with doors closed. The PetDek is sized for optimal fit at 23x48x2 in. (58x122x5cm.) open and 23x24x4 in. (58x61x10cm.) closed. In the  case of a very large sedan or large SUV there could be space between the front edge of the PetDek and the back of the front seat. This can sometimes be filled in with an inexpense pillow then, bring the seat back slighty to "clamp" it in thus removing all movement of the PetDek. Measure this carefully for excessive space..

The PetDek may not fit in smaller size cars especially 2 door ones. The needed space is 23x48 in. (58x122 cm.). Once again measure.

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The patented, molded undercarriage of the PetDek is made to apply even pressure to the curved shape of your seat, while providing a level surface on top. The mold is designed to raise the dip in your backseat 2 in. (5cm.). Depending on the seat, this can take up to 100% of the slope out.

Testing showed that pets don’t like being on sloped surfaces, so the PetDek removes much of that slope. They also don’t enjoy being on narrow, uneven surfaces that flex.

Yes, it bridges across the gap and offers full support due to its design.

If used in a full-size truck, check the 23 inch (58 cm.) width for front to rear spacing. The PetDek’s 48 inch (122 cm.) length may leave large gaps on each side, so please measure before ordering. Solutions used have been filling the gaps with pillows and/or using a shorter restraining leash/strap, which we always recommend when transporting anything.

The twist-and-lock legs adjust from 12–19 in. (30.5–48 cm.) for various seat heights and must be used to prevent the unit from tipping forward when they are slanted outward.

If  pets, heavy and fragile cargo are mixed in the back area with the seats folded down, a quick stop can result in the pet getting hurt and/or the cargo getting damaged when they slide forward. By keeping the seat back positioned up, it acts like a wall to further safeguard your pets and cargo. Many times, when rear seats are folded down, there can still be a large gap behind the front seats, leaving large holes into the footwell. Keep in mind that in several states now, pets must be safety leashed in the back area otherwise you can be fined.  The PetDek is designed to work with the back seat in its normal position to help solve these problems when used in conjunction with safety straps.

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