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How it Works

No, it comes fully assembled.

It’s as easy as unfold, slide in and position legs. But here’s the extended version:

  1. Open the PetDek. For now, leave the legs folded inside the chassis.
  2. Slide into the backseat, on edge, with the molded blocks over the seat. Now lay the unit flat.
  3. Now reach under the PetDek and gently unfold legs, until they angle outward toward the door. They must slant outward.
  4. To Level the PetDek surface, adjust each leg height: twist the whole bottom portion of the tube, not the black seal, to release and lock. Be sure the PetDek sits firmly on the seat during this,   not raised off the seat.
  5. Once you have set the legs to your backseat height, you should not need to adjust them again, just fold them up for storage. If installed correctly, you should have to lift the PetDek slightly to fold the leg back up.
  6. Bring the passenger seat as far back as you can to minimize any footwell space left. Use a pillow for zero space if needed. The driver seat position will determine any space left behind it.
  7. Tuck the carpet under the PetDek in an "S" configuration as shown for better gripping of the carpet and the PetDek on the seat.

Important note: Do not try to install or uninstall the PetDek with the legs extended or out of the storage pockets, as they will impact with the front seat backrest. If forced they will release from under the 2 assembly screws to prevent damage. Remove the 2 screws and put the leg back in place and reinstall the screws.

Be sure to check out our 60 Second Installation video.

When you’re finished using the PetDek, reverse the process. Be sure the legs are adjusted to fit into the chassis correctly, and close into a self-contained 12 lb. case that easily stores in the trunk at 23x24x4 in. (58x61x10.16 cm.).

Important note: Do not try to install or uninstall the PetDek with the legs extended or out of the storage pockets, as they will impact with the front seat backrest. If forced the leg will release from under the 2 assembly screws. Remove the screws and put the leg back in place and reinstall the screws.

What it Does

Yes, if the front seats are in the most rearward position it covers up to 100% of this area depending on the particular vehicle. This helps keep loose pets and items from falling to the floor when stopping. To be sure, measure your backseat space, as the PetDek is 23 in. (58.5 cm.) front to back and 48 in. (122 cm.) wide, unfolded. About 8 sq. ft. (.74 sq. m.) are created. On some large vehicles you may need to place a pillow between the front edge of the PetDek and the back of the front seat to close the gap completely. You want the PetDek to be "clamped" in place by the passenger seat to prevent all movement.

The body is rigid but not hard, and the carpet adds softness. The large support area, about 8 sq. ft. (.74 sq. meters), covers the footwell area, giving dogs the feeling of more security in a moving vehicle and protects them from falling into the footwell during a fast stop.

Besides extending space forward, the PetDek also raises your dog up to 2–4 in. (5–10 cm.) so can see more clearly out the window, and be closer to you.

Not at all. There are no metal components or screws used where the PetDet contacts with your vehicle seat. And because no seat straps are needed, it won’t cause friction on your seats. The PetDek undercarriage is molded not to leave impressions in your seat.


One size fits nearly every four-door vehicle. Almost all vehicles allow for the same backseat spacing with doors closed. The PetDek is sized for optimal fit at 23x48x2 in. (58x122x5cm.) open and 23x24x4 in. (58x61x10cm.) closed. In the  case of a very large sedan or large SUV there could be space between the front edge of the PetDek and the back of the front seat. This can sometimes be filled in with an inexpense pillow then, bring the seat back slighty to "clamp" it in thus removing all movement of the PetDek. Measure this carefully for excessive space..

The PetDek may not fit in smaller size cars especially 2 door ones. The needed space is 23x48 in. (58x122 cm.). Once again measure.

Contact us with a question at petdek@petdek.com.

The patented, molded undercarriage of the PetDek is made to apply even pressure to the curved shape of your seat, while providing a level surface on top. The mold is designed to raise the dip in your backseat 2 in. (5cm.). Depending on the seat, this can take up to 100% of the slope out.

Testing showed that pets don’t like being on sloped surfaces, so the PetDek removes much of that slope. They also don’t enjoy being on narrow, uneven surfaces that flex.

Yes, it bridges across the gap and offers full support due to its design.

If used in a full-size truck, check the 23 inch (58 cm.) width for front to rear spacing. The PetDek’s 48 inch (122 cm.) length may leave large gaps on each side, so please measure before ordering. Solutions used have been filling the gaps with pillows and/or using a shorter restraining leash/strap, which we always recommend when transporting anything.

The twist-and-lock legs adjust from 12–19 in. (30.5–48 cm.) for various seat heights and must be used to prevent the unit from tipping forward when they are slanted outward.

If  pets, heavy and fragile cargo are mixed in the back area with the seats folded down, a quick stop can result in the pet getting hurt and/or the cargo getting damaged when they slide forward. By keeping the seat back positioned up, it acts like a wall to further safeguard your pets and cargo. Many times, when rear seats are folded down, there can still be a large gap behind the front seats, leaving large holes into the footwell. Keep in mind that in several states now, pets must be safety leashed in the back area otherwise you can be fined.  The PetDek is designed to work with the back seat in its normal position to help solve these problems when used in conjunction with safety straps.


PetDek No, the PetDek can not be used in conjunction with children’s car seats or with humans sitting on it. The PetDek must be removed from the back seat when it is needed to carry children or adults in that area. These rules are for safety and from the children’s car seat industry.

PetDekPets can sometimes be compelled to leap from an open window or car door. For optimal safety, we must recommend leashing your dog to the seat buckle. Depending on your backseat design, there is a space where the rear of the PetDek meets the seat backrest. This is intentional, so that you can access seat belts to connect commercially available pet restraints. Such restraints are highly recommended. Some states require it and will penalize offenders. The PetDek allows access to the normal anchor points for this. Due to many variables in pet size and weight, a safety leash is not provided with the PetDek. Do not use the PetDek legs to tie down leashes.

For law-abiding safety, we must insist that you always use safety straps to hold cargo, and leashes to secure pets.

PetDek No. The PetDek is not to be used in any manner outside of a vehicle. It is not a suitable table or seat. Instead, it works in conjunction with the vehicle’s seat to safely support cargo and animals.

You can use a lightweight two-step stool, or plastic footstool with gripping feet pads to assist boarding. Some companies offer collapsable, portable pet stairs. It should have rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding and easily stored upon the PetDek or in the trunk.


The body should be washed using a clean towel or sponge with soapy water, nothing harsh. Removable carpet may be machine-washed, vacuumed or hosed. Be sure not apply any type of polish or wax to the PetDek as it will make it slippery.


Within the Continental US, your PetDek ships between 1 to 4 days from our warehouse in Utah. When your item ships, we’ll let you know with the email you supplied, along with a tracking number to follow your package via UPS.

Please visit our new and expanding International Ordering options, or contact us with your inquiry.


The PetDek is made of a polypropylene plastic, similar to the lid that seals a picnic cooler. Made 100% in the USA from recycled materials.

We chose the color Fawn, the name for a very light brown/grey. We found this to be the most desired color, matching most vehicles. The added machine-washable pet carpet is Charcoal Grey.

At only 12 lb. (5.4 Kilo), the PetDek is easily handled and supports a hefty 200 lb. (90 kg.)! That’s 200% more than any conventional backseat pet solution. It’s also a lot easier to install than seat hooks and adjustable straps.

Very, but cargo with “sharp” edges, pointy corners or legs can scratch or damage the surface of the PetDek. When needed, protect the body with a blanket, rug or cardboard, etc. The load capability of the PetDek is 200 lb. (90 kg.).

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