PetDek Lifetime Warranty

Our Warranty

Car-Dek warranties the PetDek, for which it receives payment, for lifetime against manufacturing defects. Soft goods excluded. The Customer’s sole remedy for breach of this Warranty shall be the repair or replacement of the product by Car-Dek to remedy the issue. Car-Dek shall not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages. This Warranty is the sole and exclusive Warranty offered by Car-Dek. There are no other Warranties of any kind whether express or implied. Car-Dek hereby expressly disclaims any other Warrantee(s) of Merchantability and Fitness of a particular purpose. If damage is caused by misuse, such as slices in the surface, obvious overloading, etc, then a warranty claim will be disallowed. If you have a question about a warranty claim, email or mail a picture if possible. Soft goods are excluded.

For Safety
For law-abiding safety, we suggest that you always use safety straps to hold cargo, and leashes to secure pets.


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